Class Name Manipulation Edit on GitHub

classSet() is a neat utility for easily manipulating the DOM class string.

Here's a common scenario and its solution without classSet():

// inside some `<Message />` React component
render: function() {
  var classString = 'message';
  if (this.props.isImportant) {
    classString += ' message-important';
  if (this.props.isRead) {
    classString += ' message-read';
  // 'message message-important message-read'
  return <div className={classString}>Great, I'll be there.</div>;

This can quickly get tedious, as assigning class name strings can be hard to read and error-prone. classSet() solves this problem:

render: function() {
  var cx = React.addons.classSet;
  var classes = cx({
    'message': true,
    'message-important': this.props.isImportant,
    'message-read': this.props.isRead
  // same final string, but much cleaner
  return <div className={classes}>Great, I'll be there.</div>;

When using classSet(), pass an object with keys of the CSS class names you might or might not need. Truthy values will result in the key being a part of the resulting string.

No more hacky string concatenations!