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Rethinking best practices - #

"At Facebook and Instagram, we’re trying to push the limits of what’s possible on the web with React. My talk will start with a brief introduction to the framework, and then dive into three controversial topics: Throwing out the notion of templates and building views with JavaScript, “re-rendering” your entire application when your data changes, and a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events." -- Pete Hunt

Thinking in react - #

A video conveying the principles of Thinking in React while building a simple app

Secrets of the Virtual DOM - MtnWest JS #

"In this talk I’ll be discussing why we built a virtual DOM, how it compares to other systems, and its relevance to the future of browser technologies." -- Pete Hunt

Going big with React #

"On paper, all those JS frameworks look promising: clean implementations, quick code design, flawless execution. But what happens when you stress test Javascript? What happens when you throw 6 megabytes of code at it? In this talk, we'll investigate how React performs in a high stress situation, and how it has helped our team build safe code on a massive scale."

CodeWinds #

Pete Hunt talked with Jeff Barczewski about React in CodeWinds Episode 4.

02:08 - What is React and why use it?
03:08 - The symbiotic relationship of ClojureScript and React
04:54 - The history of React and why it was created
09:43 - Updating web page with React without using data binding
13:11 - Using the virtual DOM to change the browser DOM
13:57 - Programming with React, render targets HTML, canvas, other
16:45 - Working with designers. Contrasted with Ember and AngularJS
21:45 - JSX Compiler bridging HTML and React javascript
23:50 - Autobuilding JSX and in browser tools for React
24:50 - Tips and tricks to working with React, getting started
27:17 - Rendering HTML on the server with Node.js. Rendering backends
29:20 - React evolved through survival of the fittest at Facebook
30:15 - Ideas for having state on server and client, using web sockets.
32:05 - React-multiuser - distributed shared mutable state using Firebase
33:03 - Better debugging with React using the state transitions, replaying events
34:08 - Differences from Web Components
34:25 - Notable companies using React
35:16 - Could a React backend plugin be created to target PDF?
36:30 - Future of React, what's next?
39:38 - Contributing and getting help

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JavaScript Jabber #

Pete Hunt and Jordan Walke talked about React in JavaScript Jabber 73.

01:34 – Pete Hunt Introduction
02:45 – Jordan Walke Introduction
04:15 – React
06:38 – 60 Frames Per Second
09:34 – Data Binding
12:31 – Performance
17:39 – Diffing Algorithm
19:36 – DOM Manipulation
23:06 – Supporting node.js
24:03 – rendr
26:02 – JSX
30:31 – requestAnimationFrame
34:15 – React and Applications
38:12 – React Users Khan Academy
39:53 – Making it work

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Introduction to React.js - Facebook Seattle #

By Tom Occhino and Jordan Walke

Developing User Interfaces With React - Super VanJS #

By Steven Luscher

Introduction to React - LAWebSpeed meetup #

by Stoyan Stefanov

React, or how to make life simpler - FrontEnd Dev Conf '14 #

In Russian by Alexander Solovyov

"Functional DOM programming" - Meteor DevShop 11 #

"Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook" - Facebook F8 Conference 2014 #

React and Flux: Building Applications with a Unidirectional Data Flow - Forward JS 2014 #

Facebook engineers Bill Fisher and Jing Chen talk about Flux and React, and how using an application architecture with a unidirectional data flow cleans up a lot of their code.